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Welcome to the website of Popular Puzzles. This site is a companion site to my series of puzzle books for all ages and tempers, which are available from Amazon stores and accessible anywhere in the world where Amazon content is available.

At the time of writing the series consists only of quick crossword puzzle books. (This is the “quick” crossword puzzle as opposed to the cryptic crossword puzzle; to my knowledge nobody has ever coined a term which means the opposite of cryptic which does not necessarily imply lack of speed.) But soon I hope to extend the repertoire to other types of puzzle books, sudoku, etc.

I’d like to make it easy for puzzle enthusiasts to access my work online and to make it as effortless as possible to get hold of the book. If these were ebooks it would be even easier, as you’d just download them if they’re PDFs, or straight to your Kindle or other ebook reader if they were another format. But as these puzzle books are all paperback physical books that isn’t possible. I’m working on how to make such a thing possible in ebook format but until then puzzle books will be things that fit snugly into your pocket.

By clicking on the image of my book, below, or on the link below it, you will be taken straight to the book's page on Amazon. The book is available on Amazon in more than one country, so it appears on several websites associated with different countries. A fuller explanation of this is given below the book cover.


The Great Quick Crossword Series Volume 1


The Great Quick Crossword Series Volume 1 is available from Amazon.com in the United States here (priced at $6.99), in the United Kingdom at Amazon.co.uk here (at £5.34), in Australia at Amazon.com.au here (at $19.22 but the price keeps varying), in Canada at Amazon.ca here (at $9.15), I checked to see if Amazon has separate sites for Ireland and New Zealand, but at the moment these don't exist (Australia was only very recently added to their list of online stores) so for shipping purposes it seems that Irish residents should order from the UK site and New Zealand residents should order from the Australian site. The book is available all over Europe: from Amazon.fr here at 6.32 Euros and at Amazon.de here at 6.41 Euros.












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